Kenya: Kenyatta announces the building a second seaport

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Kenya has to start next March the building work of the port of Lamu, the second seaport of the country, for a cost of two billion schillings (21 million dollars), announced on Monday President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenya that is trying to strengthen its position of great economic power of East Africa, intends to build the port of Lamu in order to connect its economy to Ethiopia and South Sudan, through a railroad line, an oil pipeline and a road network.

Uhuru Kenyatta who expressed himself at the opening of the first National maritime conference of Kenya, indicated that the new port that is within the framework of the Corridor Project of Lamu Port and South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) would allow to exploit at best the maritime resources of the country.

He added that Kenya started implementing a vision of the African Union, with enormous investments for the development of the port, road and railroad facilities, for more fluid movement of goods.

« Considering that the maritime industry is the transportation means at 92 % of our international trade in terms of volume, and considering the importance of the international trade for our prosperity, the choice of the investments was also careful« , he underlined.


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