Abi Reggae Festival: Abidjan in Jamaican style from 9th to 12th April

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blondyIvory Coast is getting ready to celebrate the reggae event of the year. The Abi NGO organizes from 9th to 12th April 2015 in the Culture Palace of Treichville (Abidjan), « Abi Reggae« , the first edition of the Reggae International Festival.

Several great names of music of Jamaican inspiration as Third World, Ky-Mani Marley, Mutabaruka, Alpha Blondy, Kojo Antwi, Morgan Heritage or Ismaël Isaac are announced for the show. Various activities will be on the agenda of this festival: Colloquiums, round tables and shows are planned for four days.

Several themes among which, rastafarism, Pan-Africanism, exodus and Ivory Coast reggae will be tackled.

The idea of the « Abi Reggae » festival has germinated in mind of its promoter since 2009. To assure a sensational success of the event, the Ivorian artists, Tiken Jah Fakoli and Alpha Blondy were contacted. A travel to Jamaica allowed the promoters to establish links with artists as Mutabaruka.


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