Gabon: Shell supporting entrepreneurship of the youth

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The prize-winners of the first edition of the international program of social investment by the Shell oil group (national version of Shell Livewire) were rewarded on 26th February 2015 in Libreville. The initiative aims at encouraging the Gabonese youth to be more interested in the entrepreneurship.

The funds assigned to the beneficiaries of the program will serve either to create or to develop their companies.

« We got 300 applications that were handled. We selected 100 participants who passed through the Bright ideas and Become a successful owner manager trainings.

Over these trainees, 71 business plans were proposed to the Shell Livewire that chose to finance six for a total amount of 116 million FCFA« , specified Tony Mebiame, manager associated with the JTC cabinet.

ICTS, catering, agriculture are among others projects that held the attention of the jury. The Shell Livewire initiative was created in 1983 in England. It is branched out into local version in the countries where the Shell Company established.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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