Ivory Coast: towards the merger of 4 mobile telephony companies

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Ivory Coast wants to clean up its mobile telephony market. The Ivorian State intends to bring to four, the number of mobile telephony companies (seven at present on the national market). The non-respect of the statements of work, the bad quality of services proposed to the customers are among others the reproaches formulated by the Ivorian government towards the tactless operators.

Over seven mobile phone operators in Ivory Coast, only three are in order according to the State authorities. In council of ministers last Wednesday, government confirmed its intention to put order in the sector.

« The ministry suggested to reduce the number of operators and especially make so that the operators that do not respect their statements of work, that are not up to date regarding their commitments, gradually go out of the market and allow this market to be more readable, more understandable, stronger« , declared the Government Spokesman, Bruno Koné.

Government does not all the same plan to take licenses away from the concerned operators. It expects to support them for a merger that will end up with the creation of the fourth stronger company.

Orange Ivory Coast, MTN Ivory Coast, Moov Ivory Coast, Koz, Green Network, Café Mobile and Yoomee Internet NonStop are competing on the national market of mobile telephony.


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