Samuel Eto’o: the richest footballer of Africa

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Unsurprisingly, the ranking of 20 bigger fortunes of football is dominated by both stars of the Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The Africans, Samuel Eto’o and Yaya Touré, are also represented in the top 20.

Untouchable on the pitch, both standard bearers of the Spanish championship, Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) and Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona), are also the same regarding bank account. In the ranking of the edition 2015 by the famous Goal Rich List that lists the heritages of the world richest footballers, both rivals crush their fellow players.

With 210 million euros, the Portuguese slightly outstrips his Argentine opponent who claims a 200 million euro fortune. Behind, there are no strong competitors. The top 3 is completed far behind by another player from the Barça. It is about the Brazilian, Neymar (135 million euros).

In the list of the top 20 names, two African players throne in good position. The Cameroonian, Samuel Eto’o Fils, claims the 7th fortune among his fellow player with 87 million euros (approximately 57 billion FCFA and another monument of the continental football, the Ivorian, Yaya Touré, stands in the 15th position with a fortune estimated at 62 million euros.

The French football less represented

The only French in the ranking, Franck Ribéry is just behind Yaya Touré, in 16th position, with 61 million euros.

Unsurprisingly, the League 1 is less represented in this ranking. The emblematic striker of Paris Saint-Germain, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with 105 million euros, bears there all the same the colors of the French championship, with a nice 5th position.

As comparison, the Premier League, the most lucrative championship in the world, has seven of its representatives in the list, coming from five different clubs.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) – 210 million euros
    2. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – 200 million euros
    3. Neymar (Barcelona) – 135 million euros
    4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG) – 105 million euros
    5. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) – 103 million euros
    6. Kaká (Orlando City) – 96 million euros
    7. Samuel Eto’o (Sampdoria) – 87 million euros
    8. Raul (New York Cosmos) – 85 million euros
    9. Ronaldinho (Queretaro) – 83 million euros
    10. Frank Lampard (Manchester City) – 80 million euros
    11. Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern) – 75 million euros
    12. Rio Ferdinand (QPR) – 72 million euros
    13. Gigi Buffon (Juventus) – 68 million euros
    14. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) – 64 million euros
    15. Yaya Touré (Manchester City) – 62 million euros
    16. Franck Ribéry (Bayern) – 61 million euros
    17. Francesco Totti (Roma) – 60 million euros
    18. Gerard Piqué (Barcelona) – 58 million euros
    19. Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) – 58 million euros
    20. John Terry (Chelsea) – 56 million euros


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