Development in Togo: the youth facing its destiny

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The youth is nowadays considered as a development key actor. At a time when the emergence on continent matters, the Togolese youth has to benefit from its immense potential in order to be a partner of development and peace.

In order to bring this Togolese youth to carry out change in its country and communities, an open day called « Rencontres Solidaires« (meetings of solidarity) will be held on 26th March of this year in Lomé under the theme: « the participation of the Youth in the development process of Togo« .

By organizing such a meeting, the organizers intend to promote the participation of the young people in decision-making, youth civic commitment and social inclusion.

According to Lovejoyce Amavi, the coordinator of the project, it is a matter of putting Togo and the Togolese youth in the center of the priorities for this youth to be no more disorientated and to be itself at the service of the nation.

The ambition is to create a link of exchanges between actors and beneficiaries of the public policies aiming at the self-fulfillment of the youth, make converge the positive energies and favor a united consideration, development common challenges of our country.

It is thus a national crossroads for young people, with young people, public authorities, and private sector, to create a link of exchanges between actors and beneficiaries of the public policies for the self-fulfillment of the youth.

During an open day taking place at the Grand Rex, about six hundred (600) young people will be in front of representatives of the State, private sector, Education, Training and Employment to exchange, discuss, think and decide on the implication of the Youth in the walk to development in which Togo is resolutely committed.

Various panels will be given by eminent personalities among whom Mrs. Victoire Tomegah-Dogbè, Minister of Youth. Several themes among which: « participation of the Youth in the development process of Togo », « Education – Training – Jobs », « Entrepreneurship – Financing Resources » will be tackled.

Kindly note that the « Rencontres Solidaires » project arose from the emulation created by the first edition of the Africa Best Practices Forum held on the last 26th and 27th February in Lomé.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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