Odette Yao Yao: the Ivorian diplomat evokes the power of women

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In Africa, the participation of the women in the decision-making authorities and process is still low. Yet, African women have the potential to be valued. They have the capacity of occupying decision-making posts which are considered as the privilege of the men.

It is what Odette N’Guessan Yao Yao, Ambassadress of Ivory Coast in Spain, tries to hammer to her sisters calling them « to free themselves from fear and believe in their capacities« .

She made this declaration last Friday during a panel organized around the book « Lean in: Women, Work and the Will to lead » by Sheryl Sandberg.

In front of the challenges of the political emergence, it thus turns out to be necessary to promote a greater representation of women, not only at the elective posts, but also at name specific and administrative posts.

« Women must free themselves from fear if they want to break the barriers that prevent them from getting to power and managing posts, believing that these posts should go to men or that they are the private ground of the men« , asserted Odette Yao Yao.

For the Ivorian diplomat, women are also as intelligent as men but do not have the same responsibilities because of the ambition « gap » between men and women.

« Women are afraid of daring, they are afraid of being judged, they are afraid of failing, they are afraid of being bad mothers, bad wives and bad girls« , explained the panelist, the ambassadress of Ivory Coast in Spain, before inviting women to more courage and ambitions.

Kindly note that the book « Lean in: Women, Work and the Will to lead » was dedicated « the book of March » by the Embassy of the United States in Ivory Coast.


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