Ivory Coast: government announces the building of 3000 Cyber centers

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Started on 19th February of this year by the Ivorian government, the vast project, one citizen, one computer + internet connection is already operational.

We already note the distribution of 208 equipments to 32 organizations and to the first 100 people who subscribed to the operation.

Within the framework of the project, the Ivorian minister of post office and information and communication technologies, Bruno Nabagné Koné (photo), announced on Thursday, 2nd April 2015 in Abidjan, the building of 3 000 cyber centers in all over the country.

« A project on which we are already working and which is going to be published, the building project of 3 000 cyber centers. The promise of the Head of State was 5 000 centers, but we shall gradually achieve it« , declared Bruno Nabagné Koné during the delivery ceremony of computing equipment.

« By this other way we give to the populations to connect through these cyber centers, we also give them the possibility of reaching the ICTS immense resources« , added Mr. Koné.

According to the authorities, the hamlets that will benefit from these cyberspaces will have computers the number of which will vary between 3 – 30 according to the size of the locality.


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