TV5Monde: Back to normal!

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The web site of the world television, TV5Monde, has resumed its entire broadcasting on Thursday late in the afternoon after an unprecedented cyberattack in the history of television.

The programs of the channel have resumed since yesterday, according to the world radio, RFI.

Kindly note that the French-speaking channel was hacked by a group of hackers who operated on behalf of the Islamic State group (EI).

The hackers of TV5 posted on the web site and the social networks of TV5, propaganda messages in the glory of the EI group and published the ID cards of close friends of the French servicemen.

« France considers it as a terrorist act well organized and coordinated. At the head office of the channel, we are still shocked« , underlined RFI.

TV5Monde is broadcast in 200 countries and watched by more than 250 million households.

How did hackers proceed?

In order to succeed their coup, they at first introduced malwares into the servers or the computers of TV5, powerful Trojan horses, undetectable and sleeper through the weaknesses of the information system or simply by means of update of programs, corrupted e-mails, contaminated attachments … These harmful and spy programs informed the hackers about the infrastructure of the network, the type of devices used, the state of the computing protections to collect passwords. This careful mapping allowed them to activate a targeted and exactly planned attack.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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