Transport: Algeria plans to by 17 autocars

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The managing director of the rail transports public company (SNTF), Yacine Bendjaballah, announced on 19th May that Algeria is going to buy 17 railcars for about 200 million Euros at the French group, Alstom,

« We are very soon going to have 17 Coradia Alstom railcars for an amount of 21 billion dinars (200 million Euros approximately) », he declared to the national radio station, indicating that new automotive equipments should be released into service from 2016 in order to connect Algiers with the main cities of the country.

The Algerian company had preset Alstom in August 2014 for the acquisition of these auto engines of big line type, reminded Mr. Yacine Bendjaballah.

This news was revealed a few days just after the opening of an assembly and maintenance plant of tramways by Alstom in Annaba (600 km in the East of Algiers) in the presence of several Algerian and French Ministers. Baptized Cital, this factory is shared by Alstom (49 %) and two Algerian public enterprises, EMA (10 %) and Ferrovial (41 %).


Original text by: Agence Ecofin


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