Cannes Film Festival: Double reward for Abderrahmane Sissako


The director Abderrahman Sissako, chair of the jury of the Ciné Fondation in the Cannes film festival 2015 revealed on Friday the names of the prize-winners.


The author of the famous movie « Timbuktu » and his jury awarded the first prize to the director Ignacio Juricic Merillan from Chile, author of the movie « LOCAS PERDIDAS« . The second prize returned to Russian lady Maria Guskova with the movie « TEA RETURN OF ERKIN« . The Spanish Ian Garrido Lopez ends the podium with « VICTOR XX« .


According to the Chinese agency Xinhua, the prizes are accompanied with a 15 000-euro subsidy for the first, 11 250 Euros for the second and 7 500 Euros for the third. The prize-winner of the First prize also has the advantage that his / her first full-length film will be presented at the Cannes film festival.


The Mauritanian director winner of 7 César last February has just been bestowed with the title of « Commandeur des arts et des letters » by the French Minister of Culture at the Cannes film festival.


« It is symbolically very great for me. That shows the role of artist in the world in general and in France particularly. It is something also touching because I come from elsewhere (…) », indicated Abderrahman Sissako on France 24.



Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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