Tropical Air Gabon: in the sky soon

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A new airline company is announced in the Gabonese sky. The National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) has just issued a air operator certificate (AOC) to new Gabonese airline company, Tropical Air Gabon.

This recognition is the fruit of a long way. The new company henceforth answers the standards required by the ANAC in order to operate flights safely. The managing director of Tropical Air Gabon congratulates himself about.

« I find it necessary to thank the Executive management for all requirements and orientations that led to this process. It was important for us to orally express it to you. I praise the presence of Mr. Alfred Etouke, Managing director of Afric Aviation that proofs that companies should be partners and there should be no competition minds. And it is happy to welcome me in the big companies’ club having received their AOC« , he declared.

In fact, Tropical Air Gabon is the second company after Afric Aviation to have been certified end-to-end by the ANAC.

« All other companies having received the air carrier certifications renewed every two years arise from an ante certification, meaning before ANAC. And we have just taken up the torch and applied the new rules« , explained Dominique OYINAMONO Director of ANAC.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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