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2nd Bubu evening: « women in the spotlight »

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If there is a cultural wealth that distinguishes the peoples of West Africa from the rest of the continent and that adapts itself to the evolution of the society, it is really the African large bubu. This dress formerly traditional is nowadays appreciated by the new generation that uses it at the same time as great days dressing (marriage, religious celebration…) and work cloth. Worn by women as well as men, « the African chasuble » is often cut out in dimity loincloth, another wealth of West Africa.

Thiané Diagne, the manager of « Jour J couture » (D-day Dress-making) structure chose the big national theater to celebrate the second « Bubu evening ». The second edition of the event will be held on 6th December 2014 under the theme « Honor to Women« . The choice of the theme was influenced by the organization in Dakar of the 15th summit of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF).

« I chose this theme in touch with that of the 15th Summit of the Francophonie dedicated to +Women and young people in Francophonie: peace makers and development actors+ but also because it is topical » indicated Thiané Diagne on APS.

For the organizer of the event, « Bubu evening » will be the opportunity that is going to allow placing this dress in its traditional and modern context. « It is to show the beauty of our culture. In short, to glorify the Bubu that is the background of my work« , she specified. A total of six paintings will be displayed during the evening of 6th December. Dresses will be cut out in fabrics of material, woven loincloths, embroidery, dimity and silk according to Thiané.


Original textby: Roger ADZAFO

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