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54th independence anniversary of Togo: «a respectable promising country»

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Togo acceded to international sovereignty on 27th April 1960. The former French colony with for first president Sylvanus Olympio, had for the first time just saw its very new flag floating. This new page that was opened in the history of this small country of West Africa made dream many people. 54 years later, change is certainly perceptible but there is long way ahead. In his message to the nation on this 26th April  2014, the president of Republic of Togo called his people to make sacrifice in order realize big development works.

Several activities have been introduced since a few days to celebrate the 54 years of independence of Togo, military and civil parades, huge shows were organized in several big towns of the Country. In Lomé, the public was entitled to an air parade.

Festive events did not however make the president of republic forget challenges which are await him. Resolutely committed in a growth process of the country since 2005, President Faure Gnassingbe reminded to his fellow countrymen the necessity of making of agriculture the base of growth.

« We should imperatively pursue investments in infrastructures while actively accompanying the change farming sector. Modernization of the agriculture will mark out the way of processing industries development and the increase of SMEs/SMIs. The challenge in this domain consists of favoring creation of real processing sectors, going up to finished products », indicated the president of Republic in his speech of 26th April 2014.

Faure Gnassingbé gave an end to the break. He called on to fight against the unproductive expenses. « I so exhort you to heavily fight against unproductive expenses in government services as well as in private ones. The fight against unproductive expenses has also to be coupled with a real respect of public properties for all the citizens », declared the president for whom stability is a reality in Togo. « After almost a decade of efforts and harsh work, Togo found stability. It linked up with growth. It is a respectable promising country« , he asserted.


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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