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Tchêlê Micke: The idol of Ivorian rap that is amazing!

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When his staff contacted us, we thought of having to deal with a beginner. Big error. We were amazed when we discovered « Je t’invite » (I invite you) a single of the Ivorian artist Tchêlê Micke (24 years old). Very creative, the artist gave originality to his clip which gave us desire to watch it all day long. Mastering perfectly his genre, the rapper Tchêlê Micke evokes his everyday life with a surprising art. Before discovering the interview he granted us, we propose you the clip of « Je t’invite » to be taken without moderation.


Hello! Who is Tchêlê Micke?

Tchêlê Micke, 24 years old, is an African rapper from Ivory Coast and my real name is Michael N’Ko

When did you start music?

I did it very early. I have a senior brother who also makes music and followed him and it already happened to me to go to studio for recording instead of going to school.

What is your musical type?

I make Rap.

What are themes you talk about in your songs?

It is vast. What I do is fundamentally very satiric; it is also and above all my state of mind of moment. I can as well talk about hope “L’avenir m’appartient” (Future belongs to me), love “Je t’invite” or make some ego trips “Babi sous les bombes” (Babi under bombs). Roughly speaking, I try to depict certain reality that I daily live and witness.

How many albums or mixtapes do you have?

All in all, I already recorded three Mixtapes. I am in preparation of an album and I work at the same time with my group 3431 on a project which will come out soon.

What is your last production?

«Echecs Succès» (Failure success) that is a video dated 25th April 2014

What are your current projects?

At this stage, my current project is called « TchêlêFriday » that consists in coming out on one Friday in a month of a video, a song, or a freestyle of Tchêlê Micke. And in the coming months, I will make show with my group on stage.

Can you tell us a little bit about your source of inspiration and about the theme you talked in the clip «Je t’invite»?

Instrumental is my first source of inspiration. It is what guides me, At the time I wrote « je t’invite« , I was in an atmosphere that gave me desire to describe love at first sight in my own way.

Your last word

I first of all thank Africa Top Success for this interview. Je would like to add that there are numerous African artists who are talented. The public should not stop consuming local products. They should be curious and use Internet to discover other artists African as they do it for French or American artists.

 Thanks, Tchêlê Micke.


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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