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6th Africa Banking Forum: ICTS at the service of African banks

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Africa Banking Forum

African banks will meet from22nd to 23rd May 2014 in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to work on development of the sector with technologies of information and communication. The meeting is within the framework of the 6th Africa Banking Forum. For this edition, organizers announced the participation of 200 experts coming from about twenty countries.

Placed under the theme « Technological innovation at the service of African banking dynamics », the forum will give opportunity to participants to share their vision of new African banking models, while focusing on banking information systems, IT, development of electronic banking activity, transactions and money transfer safety.

According to the forum organizers’ official communiqué, Africa Banking Forum promises to be once again a real platform B2B, offering an opportunity of Networking, forward-looking debates and business opportunities. Its plenary sessions, keynotes and its workshops rich in content, will be presented by about twenty experts of international fame.

The annual meeting of African banks professionals is organized by Ivory Coast Ministry of Economy and Finance, in partnership with APBEF-CI and GIM-UEMOA.


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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