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8th edition of Euro-African film festival: the movie « Robert Mugabe » on large screen!

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Chadian capital is welcoming from 24th April to 7th May 7th, the 8th edition of Euro-African Film festival. It was Mrs Hélène Cavé, ambassador, head of European Union Delegation in Chad who launched last Thursday this great meeting that gathers every year, African and European directors as well as any kind of movie fans.

« La force des mots » (Power of the words), is the theme chosen for this edition to celebrate, according to organizers, civic commitment of personalities and people of both continents.

A total of about fifteen movies will be projected during two weeks the festival is going to last.

Among chosen movies, there is « Robert Mugabe », produced by Simon Bright, a full-length film that recounts the life of the president of Zimbabwe and his obsession to keep the power at all costs; « Amandla », Lee Hirsh’s documentary on the importance of South African music in the fight against apartheid; « Hannah Arendt », a movie of the German Mr Von Trotta on German Jew philosopher who was sent to Jerusalem in 1961 by New Yorker to cover the trial of Eichmann, a Nazi, etc.

« Our objective in organizing this festival, is to promote images of varied cultures and to show at the same time values which connect peoples of these two continents », underlined European Union head of Delegation in Chad.

She added: « Cultural diversity, dialogue, justice and peace promotion are so put in the spotlight by these images at the eve of Europe Day celebration ».

Mrs Cavé indicated that European Union is firmly convinced that dialogue, as well as culture are elements which contribute to economic and social development of a nation.


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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