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Abdelaziz Bouteflika: reelected for a 4th mandate with 81, 53 % of votes!

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The Algerian outgoing president Abdelaziz Bouteflika was reelected at the head of Algerian republic for a fourth mandate.

It was not really a suprise.

Algerian Interior Minister, Tayeb Belaiz, has announced his re-election with 81, 53 % of the votes.

His main challenger, the former prime minister Ali Benflis, arrive at the 2nd position with 12,18 % of votes.

The youngest candidate, Abdelaziz Belaïd, came third with 3,03 % of votes followed by Trotskyist parliament member Louisa Hanoune with 1,37 % of votes, then by Ali Fawzi Rebaïne with 0,99 % and Moussa Touati with 0,56 %.

The president is 77 years old. He was attacked by a CVA in April 2013 (He was treated in Paris)

« The related difficulties to my health do not seem to disqualify me as you can imagine it or stand again my ability to carry out my heavy duties which partly were beyond of my capacities (…) You want me to devote my last strengths to the implementation of the program for which you every time give me mandate. It is my duty to positively answer, because I never in my life hide myself from any duty at the service of my homeland ».

« It would cost me to remain deaf to your calls. So, I decided not to disappoint you, to be candidate for the presidential election and to put all my energy at the service of the achievement of your wishes ».

During his campaign, he promised: « Up from 2014, there will be a change in the Constitution. Algeria will have a flexible democracy, a participative democracy. All citizens will participate in the development of the country. We are going to extend the privileges of elected representatives of the people and opposition parties will have their constitutional rights ».


Original text by: Nicolas Coutain


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