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Afor Tumban: the new fashion egeria in Cameroon

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It is difficult to attend a fashion show in Cameroon without meeting Afor Tenye Tumban on stage. The Cameroonian young lady of 22 years old has become a major figure of fashion in her country. Requested by several designers, Afor Tumban participated in several fashion shows and posed for numerous brands in Cameroon.

Her passion for fashion is not recent. Very young, Afor Tenye Tumban was playing model and attracted admiration of her companions.

Today, she is achieving dream and she is only at her beginning. With her perfect measurement and her experience, the Cameroonian young lady has everything to value her talent at big brands.

In parallel with fashion, Afor Tenye Tumban is making studies in human resource after obtaining her Bachelor in Educational Psychology atthe University of Buea. Her secret is work. « Practise makes perfect », she wrote on her Facebook page.

Second of the competition Top model Cameroon in 2012, Afor Tenye Tumban worked with several agencies of which Fashion place, Afric Collection, Mesanga Fashion House, Afroshic Design, Belcro Indonesia Design, Heartbeat Collection, Khamals.

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Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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