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Africa: the future of e-commerce

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In spite of its delay in the appropriation of ICTS, Africa offers an enormous growth potential for on-line traders according to « Shop the world » study realized by DHL. The habits of populations of Africa change over the years and on-line purchase operations are being entered in manners.

E-commerce sites of Africa cannot compete with those of Europe and America; however, their lightning development predicts a brilliant future of the sector. The development of on-line purchases in Africa is partially understandable by the creation of computing infrastructures that facilitate the access to Internet on the continent.

According to the figures from the International Union for Communications, 16 % of the African population would have access to Internet today, against 10 % in 2010. For Sumesh Rahavendra, marketing manager of Express DHL sub-Saharan Africa, « e-commerce will develop at the same rhythm as technologies in the respective African countries. We consider that number of African companies will abandon little by little the environment of traditional retail trade to go directly to virtual commercial space, if we judge it by the development of Mobile and internet services in Africa. »

Over the years, the African populations learn to trust e-commerce. Indeed according to a study carried out by Jana3 in Nigeria, only 23,55 % of the population refuses to make on-line purchases for safety reasons. 38,81 % make it by paying cash and 29,52 % pays through credit card. « This situation points out the fact that African consumers always are getting acquainted with on-line payment methods« , specified Mr. Rahavendra.


Original textby: Roger ADZAFO

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