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« Africa Tomorrow »: Edem Kodjo republishes his premonitory book

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The troubles of the African continent raised by the Togolese former Prime Minister, Edem Kodjo thirty (30) years ago in the book « Africa Tomorrow« , are still topical. It is partially the reason that urged the author to republish the work at the Nei-Ceda Editions. In press conference on Monday, 30th March 2015 in Lomé, the former Secretary General for the Organization of African Unity (current African Union), called the African youth to consciousness in order to give to Africa the position it deserves in the concert of nations.

Great connoisseur of the African continent, would the Togolese former Prime Minister, Edem Kodjo be a « prophet of doom? » His premonitory book published in 1985, unfortunately describes liable, economically weak and politically unstable Africa of today.

Convinced Pan-African, the chairman of Pax Africana believes however in a better future of the continent which will pass through the federation of the African States. For Edem Kodjo, the idea of a real African union is far from being « old-fashioned« . The construction of a big African nation will be done in peace (discussions, alliances) or in violence (wars, conquests). He gave for that purpose the example of the big Germany (formerly submitted to the manipulations of Great Britain before federating) and Italy

Edem Kodjo expressed his disappointment to notice that his work apprecited and taught elsewhere, is not in the syllabus of the Togolese universities. He is commitment to spend more time with the youth of his country. A forum about the book « Africa Tomorrow … » is announced for that purpose within the next months at the university of Lomé.

Appointed several times Prime Minister of Togo, Edem Kodjo was Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity from 1978 to 1983. Current chairman of the Pax Africana fondation, the Togolese is also a member of the African Union (AU) Committee of Wise Men.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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