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African integration: the EU financing a program at more than 500 billion FCFA

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The continental integration of Africa has become an essential priority both for the African Union (AU) and for the European Union (EU).


A new consolidation program of the strategic partnership Africa-EU set up since 2007 has just benefited from a short in the arm. It is about the « Pan-African Program » that has just been launched by the EU for the period 2014-2020.


For a global cost of 845 million euros or approximately 549 250 000 000 FCFA, the first phase of the program that covers the period 2014-2017 for a total cost of 269 750 000 000 FCFA, « intends to open new perspectives of cooperation between the European Union and Africa« .


According to José Manuel Barroso, Chairman of the European Commission, « this program should contribute to increase the mobility on the African continent, to improve the trade between regions and will allow both continents to face better the transnational and world challenges, as migrations and mobility, climate change or safety« .


The program is also going to support the EU in its electoral observation missions in its Member states, as well as the improvement of the governance of migrations and mobility in Africa on one hand, and between this continent and the EU on the other.


« The challenges with which we are confronted exceed the national borders today. It is true in Europe as well as in Africa and everywhere else« , estimated Mr Barroso.


He continued by supporting that:  « that is why I suggested the creation of a Pan-African program to find solutions on a regional and continental scale and to support the process of the African integration in which the African Union plays a central role. Today, the alliance between Africa and Europe turns out more essential than ever. This program will strengthen it more« .


« This program is especially innovative for the fact that it allows the EU to establish a link between the cooperation actions which it leads with North Africa, South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa« , specified for his part, Andris Piebalgs, commissioner in charge of the development at the EU.




Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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