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African Union: Mugabe divorcing from the ICC

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The inflexible Robert Mugabe makes the news again with a new strong declaration. Apart from the fact of having announced that elephant meat will be used for his dish for his 91 years celebration on the coming 28th February, the old lion of Harare declared that Africa would withdraw itself from the International Criminal Court up from the next African Union Summit planned in June in South Africa.

A declaration that is hardly a surprise knowing that during his first speech as the new serving chairman of the rotating chair of the African Union, he supported that the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta « should never have gone to the ICC« , because his deceased father, Jomo kenyatta, considered as the father of the Kenyan nation and the hero of its independence, would not have made it.

Kindly note that the withdrawal project of the AU from the ICC is fully supported by Kenya that already makes a commitment to give 1 million dollars for the creation of an African International Court of Justice for human rights within the framework of a larger police justice in the new transition of Africa.

The Kenyan government Uhuru declared to have already signed the « Protocol of Malabo » on the African Court of Justice so that the necessary instruments are quickly transmitted to the African Parliament for Ratification.

Since its creation, the ICC has charged about thirty people among whom African leaders with crimes occurred in eight countries of Africa (DRC, Central Republic of Africa, Uganda, Sudan (Darfur), Kenya, Libya, Ivory Coast, Mali).

But if investigations opened in DRC, Central Republic of Africa, Mali and Uganda were at the request of the concerned States member of the Status of Rome, founder of the ICC, the cases concerning Darfur and Libya that are not signatory countries on the other hand, were at the request of the UN Security Council, whereas the ICC prosecutor took up the Kenyan and Ivory Coast cases.


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