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Afrimarket: more than a simple money transfer

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Simple, safe and easily accessible, Afrimarket is at the same time a means of money transfer and an on-line sale site. It proposes to its subscribers the possibility of distance purchase invoices payment. For African Diaspora worried about health and about living conditions of their families living on the continent, Afrimarket is by far the best solution.

How does it work?

Connect directly on our web site https: // afrimarket.fr. Choose among one of our partners store or pharmacy Afrimarket, indicate the person to whom you wish to send money, select the amount to be sent and that’s it! We carefully chose our partners; they are the best pharmacies, minimarkets, bookshops and clinics of the country.

Your close relation will receive an SMS notifying him of the sending of money in the chosen point of sale and can directly go with his telephone for the use the money sent, only where you specified it. And no change problem: if there is remaining credit, he can go back there at any time and make use of it.

A safe solution

In record time, Afrimarket succeeded in establishing a large network with big financial and mobile telephony network institutions of the continent. Among the start-up partners appear Bank Of Africa or Orange, the French mobile phone operator. According to the official information site of Togo, Afrimarket services will be available in Togo from the beginning of the year 2015.

« Contrary to Western Union or its competitors, the beneficiary does not receive cash money but credit notes to buy goods or services at partner storekeepers of district: minimarkets, pharmacies, gas cylinders distributors, booksellers, hospitals or funeral services. Orange intends to launch this service in Togo at the beginning of the year 2015« , it is what we could read on RepublicOfTogo site.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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