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Aimes-Afrique: the NGO carries hospital towards populations.

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The NGO « Doctors’ International Association for Education and Health promotion in Africa » (AIMES-Afrique), is committed « to carry hospital towards populations. »It is what explains this new trip of the NGO to deep Togo. Dr Michel Kodom chairman of Aimes-Afrique and his team have been staying since 6th April in the prefecture of Binah (North Togo) within the framework of eight day campaign for free fairground and medical consultations.

Coming all from small villages composing the nine districts of the prefecture of Binah, patients are by thousands awaiting the « magic » of Aimes-Afrique to cure them. According to the communication department of the NGO contacted by Africa Top Success’ editorial staff, 250 patients will be operated and on 2500 will benefit from specialized consultations.

These specialities are ophthalmology, stomatology, Gyneacology, general surgery and general medicine.

The surgical mission of the NGO « aims at giving quality care to the most needy peolpe, improving sanitary life conditions of basic populations and supporting sanitary trainings in far away and poor localities », indicated its chairman, Dr Kodom.

Aimes Afrique, economic and social council member of the UNO, is present in Togo and in countries of the sub-region.

The organization has to its credit more than 300 medical – surgical humanitarian missions in 6 countries of Africa and more than 10.000 free surgical operations achieved in hamlets and the most far away villages.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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