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Algaria: Constantine, capital city of Arabic culture in 2015.

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Algerian government is working twice as hard in order to make of « Constantine, capital city of Arabic culture in 2015 », one of the most successful cultural events of Arab world. According Algerian Minister of Culture, Khalida Toumi, an envelope for 60 billion dinars was mobilized for the aforementioned project.

The big projects planned within the context of this event include a big theater, an exhibition center, an urban library and a museum of art and history. As well as 75 projects related to material and immaterial patrimony are concerned by rehabilitation and development operations within the context of the same event according to APS.

« Constantine, capital city of Arabic culture in 2015 » is opened to all countries that share history or a fragment of patrimony with Arabic culture. The cultural appointment will allow this region of Algeria to boost its tourism and to reconsider itself economically. For the Minister of Culture, the project will create hundred jobs for the local population.

The list of participants who will present this event is still missing. The final program of the event will be known after the presidential election.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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