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Algeria: the happiest country of Africa

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On the African scale, Algeria stands at the first position of the happiest countries in the world, according to a ranking published by New Economics Foundation (NEF), a British think tank that is interested in the well-being of 151 countries.

The indicator, Happy Planet Index (HPI), is an alternative for Human Development Index (IDH) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The think tank measures this index according to the well-being degree of a nation, the life expectancy of inhabitants, the ecological footprint of the country or the political freedom of the country.

With an HPI of 52,2 marks, Algeria overtakes Tunisia (48,3) and Morocco (47,9).

Still on the African scale, Madagascar (46,8), Malawi (42,5), Egypt (39,6), Namibia (38,9) and Zambia (37,7) come then.

Botswana (22,6), Chad (24,7) and the Central Republic of Africa (25,3) are the least happy peoples of Africa.

At the world level, it is Costa Rica, Colombia and Vietnam that top the list. Norway is the happiest country of Europe, far in front of Great Britain, Germany and France.

New Economics Foundation specifies, however, that this index is to be taken with precaution. « HPI does not measure everything. The countries that obtain a good index suffer from numerous problems, particularly regarding human rights« , specifies the think tank.


Original text by: Agence Ecofin

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