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Amnesty for 272 prisoners in DR of Congo: Here is the exit, please!

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Enjoyment in the families and for the close relations of the 272 Congolese prisoners released thanks to the amnesty law promulgated by President Joseph Kabila on 11th February of this year.

The announcement was made on Wednesday during a press conference by Lambert Mende (photo), the Minister of Media and the Government Spokesman.

It is the fifth beneficiaries group by this law. It particularly included 191 members the of 23rd March Movement (M23, ex-rebellion), 11 elements of the Popular Resistance Army (ARP), 54 elements of GALCD d’Honoré Ngbanda, 7 elements of Hilaire Paluku and 28 aggressors who attacked the residence of the Head of State in Kinshasa on 27th February 2011.

The Government Spokesman moreover reassured that « The publication of the beneficiaries by this law is going to continue because there are commitment acts from the eligible people who are still in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights« .

We should remind that Joseph Kabila promulgated the amnesty law for those who were involved in insurrectionary facts, acts of war and political breaches, from 18th February 2006 till 20th December 2013.

The law plans a lapse of six months for its execution.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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