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Anaïs Monory: mother for her 1st time, and twins!

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Anaïs Monory

The charming actress Anaïs Monory is mother for her first time. She has just delivered two little boys, twins named Santo and Cielo.

The father, Jean Roch, a famous DJ and a Parisian nightclubs owner, is full of joy!

She gave birth to Cielo and Santo, two handsome baby boys of 2, 65 kg and 2, 80 kg. Jean Roch already has two girls, Gioia, 15 years old and Toscana, 7 years old.

Anaïs Monory fascinated many people at Cannes film festival 2013 for her role of a prostitute in the movie of the Chadian director Mahamat Saleh Haroun. The movie has appeared on French screens since July 10th, 2013.

Grigris is a movie about dangers of the universe of prostitution and traffics.
Anaïs Monory, young 22-year-old half-breed, is the fruit of loves between a Frenchwoman and a Central African. She became a model in France and she settled down in Toulouse just before Mahamat-Saleh Haroun spotted her and gave her chance to appear on big screens. An actress about whom we will still hear.

« When I saw her, she appeared to me to be carrying something special », Haroun declared to Jeune Afrique magazine.

Playing the role of a prostitute was not easy: « Of course yes. I wondered what I was going to do. The matter of nakedness – It once happened to me to posed naked only as model – did not leave me indifferent at all. But the story was attractive, and the cinema of Haroun, which I then discovered, is so nice, so smart, never vulgar or teasing, that I finally said to myself that Pussy was after all only a character to embody (…) I learnt a lot during the shooting in N’Djamena, the capital town of Chad. And I really intend to continue with this business. »

It is my leading part and I did not imagine I could be able to go to Cannes.

A very attractive actress who is henceforth, a happy mother!

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