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Athletics Championship of Africa: Laetitia Bambara in gold

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Laetitia Bambara offered to Burkina Faso ist first golden medal in the Athletics championships of Africa of Marrakesh (Morocco) on Sunday, 10th August 2014. The athlete from Burkina Faso realized a 65,44 meter hammer throw by overtaking thus the titleholder, Amy Sène (64,46 meters) and the Tunisian Sarah Ben Saad (60,97 meters).

Laetitia Bambara’s new title took to four, the golden medals of Burkina Faso in the record of the continental competition. The lady from Burkina Faso joined the team that will defend the colors of Africa during intercontinental championships planned in Marrakesh.

« I am satisfied all the same with this first position as I finished second two years ago for some centimeters less. I lost the first position. It is thus a nice revenge« , declared the winner.

Laetitia Bambara (born on 30th March 1984 in Bordeaux) is one an athlete from Burkina Faso specialist of the hammer throw. Since 2011, she has been making an impressive progress (65,08 m in 2012 against 65,44 m in 2014). Her record (68,53 m) was registered in 2011 in Amnéville (France).


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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