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Benin: a University for sciences, arts and technology in Comè soon

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Comè, city situated at approximately 100 km in the southwest of Benin, will shelter in the next days, the building of an international university for sciences, arts and technology.

For a total cost of 40 billion FCFA (approximately 80 million USD), this building will be set up by the Kuwaiti NGO « Directaid« , motivated by the ambition to invest in education in Africa

This university will be the fourth of this kind on the Black continent, according to Abdul Rahman Al-Muhailan, Chairman of the Board of Directaid.

The project « is further to the signature of a memorandum of agreement on 22nd November 2013 in Kuwait-City between the Beninese government and this organization in the margins of the Arab-African summit held in the Kuwaiti capital town », underlined a source close to the Beninese ministry of State in charge of the higher educations and the scientific research.

According to the Beninese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the African Integration, after the visits paid by the Beninese presidents Nicéphore Soglo and Mathieu Kérékou to the Kuwait, respectively in 1992 and in 2000, the official opening of the embassy of Benin in Kuwait-City on 17th August 2002, greatly contributed to give a new boost to the benino-Kuwaiti relations.

These relations were strengthened by the assets of the president Bonus Yayi’s visit to Kuwait in 2008, explained the same diplomatic source.

This visit allowed both countries to realize their will to cooperate through the signature of a number of agreements, in particular the agreement carrying the creation of a joint committee of cooperation, the one carrying the agreement for the mutual promotion and the protection of investments.


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