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Accueil / Benin: the best productions on woman promotion rewarded

Benin: the best productions on woman promotion rewarded

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Djibril Y. Amouda for print media category, Akouta Charles, Atchahowé B. Mélanie, Kougnotodé Gérard for broadcasting media category and Barrassounon Sédou, Tchiakpé Sébastien Vitho Codjovi Marius for song category.

This is the list of the prize-winners who were rewarded during the competition of the best production of songs, press articles, and documentaries for the sensitization and plea for a better positioning of women on the application lists.

The finale of this competition took place last Friday in Bénin Royal hotel. The award ceremony followed immediately this final phase.

This initiative came from the Network for the Integration Women of the NGO and African Association (Rifonga-Bénin).

So, the global objective aimed by Rifonga-Bénin by organizing this competition is to encourage producers of the works of the spirit for the sensitization of the populations and the change of behavior with the aim of a better representativeness of women within the authorities of decision-making in Benin.

Today, Rifonga-Bénin is honoring artists and journalists who were selected further to the various competitions.

This initiative aims at encouraging artists, journalist of print media and broadcasting who contribute in various ways to the promotion of woman, indicated the chairman of Rifonga-Bénin, Mrs Konou Idohou Léontine.

She seized this opportunity to make sensitive women to well-done job in order to satisfy the expectations of the Beninese State.

Their network continues carrying out actions to contribute to the performance of women at the post of responsibilities.

That’s why Rifonga-Bénin is carrying out the Zenzen project which aims at increasing the number of women elected local and municipal councillors during the next municipal and local elections.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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