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Blaise Compaoré in Ivory Coast: Abidjan reassures Ouaga

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The new authorities of Burkina Faso fear for a good holding of the elections in their country regarding the presence of their former president in Ivory Coast.

The Ivorian government, by the voice of their spokesman, reassures them that his country will not interfere in the home politics of a friendly country.

« It is not to interfere in the home politics or the decisions that are taken by a friendly country. Burkina is a friendly country, a sister country. No danger will come from Ivory Coast. Our country will do everything to keep the excellent relations that it has with Burkina Faso. I do not think that it will change because nothing allows to think so« , explained Bruno Koné.

Refusing to make comments on the participation or not of the Burkinabe living in Ivory Coast, the spokesman of the government was clear.

« It is up to them to decide on what is good for their country. All that we can assure is to do our utmost to maintain our good relations with Burkina. Kafendo should not be worried. Before President Blaise Compaoré, other ousted presidents lived in Ivory Coast because we are a country of hospitality. Being a friendly country with Burkina, we welcomed Compaoré and there is no reason of fear regarding his stay in Ivory Coast. Compaoré being a friend of Ivory Coast, he will do so that he too finds the interests of Ivory Coast« .


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