Boko Haram: Wole Soyinka not gentle with Goodluck Jonathan at all!

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The Nigerian Nobel prize of literature, Wole Soyinka, is one of the Nigerian personalities who seldom express themselves on the national current events. And if he decides to do it, it implies that the situation is explosive.

In fact, in front of the exactions by the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, the Nigerian writer thoroughly criticized the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan.

For him, the Nigerian Head of State « is guilty for not having succeeded in putting an end to this barbarity« .

« What is happening is a blatant failure regarding leadership« , set forward Wole Soyinka.

In the same line, he also mentioned the responsibility of the predecessors of Goodluck Jonathan.

« Although the responsibility of what takes place today falls at first to Jonathan, the problem started with his predecessors« , supported the latter.


Original text by:Blaise AKAME

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