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Brazil 2014: Cameroon gaining with culture

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There were not only football players in the Cameroonian delegation that travelled to Brazil for the World Cup 2014. In spite of the mediocre performance of the « Lions Indomptable of Cameroon (two matches, two defeats), the country of Paul Biya was celebrated through its culture. The artist Kareyce Fotso was the star during an exhibition held at the African Arts museum of Vitoria (Brazil) on 20th June 2014.

« Today, Brazilians are going to discover another Cameroon that wins with culture, with art. Today, we are going to celebrate the culture of our country. I am here to sell the Cameroonian art, to say to Brazil that Cameroon has another treasure, a treasure in plural form », indicated the Bamiléké artist.

Certified in biochemistry and in broadcasting, Kareyce Fotso opted for music, her real passion. Endowed with an angelic voice, she was quickly spotted in the Korongo Jam group of Erik Aliana with whom she made her first steps in the showbiz universe. Fotso participated in several musical meetings with her guitar. In 2009, she was in the residence « Visas pour la création. » In 2012, a team of Africa Top Succes got the opportunity to meet her in Lomé within the framework of the « Acoustic Africa » live concert.

In March 2014, Kareyce Fotso brought out « Mockte », her second album after launching « KWEGNE » three years ago. The new album of the Cameroonian artist is composed of 12 titles sung in several languages (Ewondo, Ngomala’a, Bassa, Douala, Fulfulde, English and French. For Fotso, « Mockte » is « an album of national unity« .


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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