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Burkina Faso: Airtel launched Mobil’Assur facilitating access to insurance

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Airtel Burkina Faso wishes to facilitate the access to assurance in Burkina Faso by improving the penetration rate estimated at less than 1 %.

The operator of telephony has just launched a new product called « Airtel Mobil’Assur« .

The product was conceived in association with MICROENSURE, a company specialized in micro-insurance available in Africa and in Asia, and the insurer Allianz.

For the founders, it is a new service considered as « a real digital revolution in French-speaking Africa« .

The assurance product is accessible via mobile phone and contains three advantages: protection in hospitalization, in accident and a life insurance.

Far from making an advertisement, two conditions must be gathered.

On one hand, it is necessary to be an Airtel subscriber, whose age is included between 18 and 65 years. On the other, the subscriber has to subscribe by code (*124#), for a monthly cost of 300 FCFA.

Then, the subscriber just needs to present documentary evidences (report of accident, medical certificate, prescription receipt) to the operator in order to be paid off, within a limit of 72 hours.

In other words, the subscriber has to finance his care in advance and to be paid off expenses later.

However, the expenses of coverage are related to monthly consumption rate of the subscriber in terms of SMS, of calls and Internet.

« Any type of mobile phone can reach the service« , underlined the Marketing director of Airtel Burkina Faso, Abdouramane Diallo, clarifying that in case of casualty, the subscriber has to inform the customer service at first.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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