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Burkina Faso: the corpse of Sankara will be unburied

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Last Wednesday, the Burkinabe transition government authorized the exhumation of Thomas Sankara’s corpse to be formally identified.

The former president of Burkina Faso was murdered 15th October 1987 during a coup d’Etat that brought Blaise Compaoré to power.

Seized by the family of Captain Sankara, the African Court of human rights ordered the government of Burkina Faso in 2008 to authorize the necessary expertises.

The president of the transition, Michel Kafando, promised after his appointment that his government will give means to Sankara family to evaluate his grave.

In an interview granted to the BBC, the widow of Thomas, Mariam Sankara declared that the family was « never seized » by the authorities on this matter.

According to certain news, he would have been buried in the cemetery of Dagnoën in the east of the capital, Ouagadougou.

The regime of Compaoré was always against the exhumation of the corpse of the man considered as a « revolutionary« .

Thomas Sankara was killed in circumstances not clarified yet.


Original text by: BBC Africa

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