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Burkina Faso: The grave of Thomas Sankara officially sealed

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The grave of the Burkina deceased preisdent, Thomas Sankara, and those of the 11 other people murdered with the president at the same time on 15th October 1987, are under seal as required by the justice, confirmed on Friday, the Mr. Bénéwendé Stanislas Sankara, one of the lawyers in this case.

Mr. Sankara who expressed himself on the waves of Radio Omega, declared that twelve graves were under seal since last Thursday, specifying that « the committing magistrate actually went to the place so that the family indicates the grave that is supposed to be the one of President Sankara« .

For the lawyer of the family, Mr. Sankara, the putting under seal of the aforesaid graves means that the investigating of the case has started and that the magistrate is at work.

« He will certainly proceed to hearings, questionings and will investigate to place the responsibility« , specified Mr. Sankara before indicating that « if this should lead us to the exhumation, the magistrate will certainly do to it« .

President Thomas Sankara died on 15th October 1987 togather with eleven other companions during the coup d’état which conducted by the former president, Blaise Compaoré.

After this tragic event, graves were indicated as the ones of people died during the coup d’état, without any other kind of check.

Besides, the case was blocked until Blaise Compaoré’s fall late October 2014.

During his investiture last 21st November, the president of the Transition, Michel Kafando took the commitment to resuscitate the case of Thomas Sankara and those concerning other murders among which that of the journalist, Norbert Zongo, killed on 13th December 1998.


Original text by: APA News

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