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Cameroon: about 500 billion FCFA for the education sector

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7873ff54The envelope dedicated by Cameroon to the development of the educational sector for the year 2015 is estimated at about 500 billion francs CFA, according to the Law of the finances passed by the parliament.

In this classification, the ministry for the Secondary educations gets the biggest envelope with a budget for 251,5 billion francs CFA, followed by the basic Ministry for the Primary Education with an endowment for 188,5 billion francs CFA and the Ministry for the Higher Education with about 52 billion francs CFA.

When also considering endowments of the Ministries for the Youth and the Civics, the Employment and the Vocational training and Sports and the Physical education, this endowment largely exceeds 500 billion francs CFA.

This endowment gets a light increase with regard to last year, what « proves that the future of the youth remains a major concern for the government« , asserted the authorities.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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