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Cameroon: at the time of economic growth

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As several African countries, Cameroon has met economic growth. The Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, indicated before the members of Parliament that the GDP growth of Cameroon in 2014 is estimated at 5,8 % and the government counts on a growth of 6,3 % in 2015.

Xinhua agency reported that according to the Prime Minister, the performance of Cameroon can be explained on one hand by the world economic gloom situation shown by a collapse of the growth at 3,3 % (figure from the International Monetary Fund), and on the other, by a tense security climate in the North with the attacks by the Nigerian Islamist sect, Boko Haram, and in the East touched by the effects of the Central African crisis.

If in the community space of Central Africa, the growth of Cameroon is slightly over the average (5,7 %), it does not however meet the expectations of the country that planned 6 % of growth in 2014.

The excellent financial health of Cameroon on the macroeconomic plan (just like in several countries of Africa) does not spread over the lifestyle of the populations. Purchasing powers remain low in Africa. Poverty and the hunger are always on this continent that carries the hope of the world.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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