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Central Africa: the single bank card project in gestation

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The adoption of a sub-regional bank card is henceforth part of priorities of the governor for the Bank of Central African States, Lucas Abaga Nchama. During the Gimac general assembly, he reaffirmed his desire to realize this project before the end of his mandate.

« We would like it becomes the archetypal payment instrument in the sub-region. It is the challenge we should take up. I hope that before the end of my mandate in 2017, this instrument will be popular« , declared Lucas Abaga Nchama.

The sub-regional bank cards are not an innovation in Africa. The West African Economic and Monetary Union have the WAEMU GIM card that allows to do bank transactions in every WAEMU space.

These cards also participate in the integration policies of the member countries of the various communities. In Central Africa, several federative projects delay taking shape. Such is the case of the creation of a sub-regional university project, Air Cémac Airline Company, or the merging of both stock markets.

« The challenge will be to make operational the card on a large network of ticket offices and provide for inconveniences« , specified Lucas Abaga Nchama. Soon, the populations of Central Africa can travel without having carrying cash with them.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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