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Accueil / Chad: Idriss Déby making of N’Djamena a hub for ICTS

Chad: Idriss Déby making of N’Djamena a hub for ICTS

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The Chadian president considers the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) that has become major in the development of our societies.

And his vision: making of N’Djamena a hub for ICTS on the African continent.

He then joins the dynamics of promoting invention, innovation and production in the field of ICTS and broadcasting in N’Djamena, the Chadian capital town.

At the opening ceremony on Tuesday of an International Fair of ICTS, Idriss Déby Itno announced the future creation of an African Center of Information and Communication technologies (CATI) dedicated to the African young people.

A Pan-African mega project of digital terrestrial radio and television conceived by and for Africans.

According to the explanations of President Déby, the CATI will « represent the active part from Chad in the implementation of the Nepad program (New Partnership for the Development of Africa) that favors the production of information from credible, verifiable and verified sources, supported by real and positive images of a moving and developing Africa« .

The Chadian president intends to set up the CATI in the Cité internationale des affaires (international business center) being built in the capital town and that will serve as venue for the next African Union Summit.

According to the Chadian authorities, it should be « a modern and appropriate infrastructural center for reflections, researches, exhibitions, trainings and multisectorial exchanges for the development of services and applications in the ICTS domain »

We aim at offering to the young African entrepreneurs who will be established in the incubator of the CATI, « measures for technical and logistic support, as well as measures for political, fiscal, customs, banking and diplomatic facilitation« .

Among initiatives already realized in the field of ICTS, we note the realization of the physical connection of optical fibers crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea and the routing going from the Maghreb to the Central Africa, the networking of the national territory in Optical fiber and Wi-Fi, the interconnection project of the universities of Chad, the modernization of the public expenditures circuits.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME