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Chad: Toumaï smartphone on the market soon

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Some people already nickname him the Chadian « Steve Jobs« , and nevertheless, Sigui Pouidankreo is only at his beginnings.

The CEO of Toumai Chad Hanana is committed to put « Toumaï » smartphone on the Chadian market in February, 2015.

The man who explores the four corners of the world has started a race against the clock.

And for proof, Sigui Pouidankreo, the boss of the Toumaï brand, already supervises the assembly works of future smartphones which should include the last version of Androïd.

To distance itself, the Toumaï Hanana Technologies Company wants to make the difference on the prices by proposing low-priced smartphones, while assuring the quality and especially a long-lasting.

The ambitious CEO has already seduced numerous Chadian of whom President Idriss Déby with his Toumaï smartphone (photo).

The biggest challenge remains the setting-up of a production plant in Chad, a wish that gets the support of the high authorities.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME