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Chioma Chukwuka : the Nollywood star actress!

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chioma-chukwuka-photoChioma Chukwuka was born March 12th, 1980 in Oraifite in Anambra State, Nigeria.

She was studying economics in the faculty of Lagos and before becoming actress, she was dreaming of making career in bank or in finance. But the passion of movies was stronger than ever.

Financially, she might not regret anything as after she had acted in over 80 movies; her fortune was estimated at 60 million Euros!

Things went very fast as she started her career in 2000 in acting in the movie, “Mouchoir”.

In 2007, Chioma Chukwuka won the prize of the best actress in a main character at African Academy Movie Awards for her character in the movie, “Sins of the Flesh”.

She also became a producer with great ambitions for Nollywood. “We are no more a child but we need to find again founds that can help us in our projects. Movies in Nollywood is promising”

We should trust her for many projects achievement.

Ass on Fire (2006)
Asunder (2006)
Chinwe Okeke (2006)
Last Dance (2006)
Nu Sin (2006)
Royale Doom (2006)
Sound of Love (2006)
Strange Love (2006)
Tears in My Heart (2006)
Zoza (2006)
Azima (2005)
Bride de Eagle (2005)
Golden Moon (2005)
Moment of Truth (2005)
Real Love 2 (2005)
Real Love 3 (2005)
Sins of the Flesh (2005)
Foul Play (2004)
Heavy Rain (2004)
Legacy (2004) (V)
Promise & Fail (2004)
Two Become One (2004)
Unbroken Promise (2004
Real Love (2003)
Le Final Clash (2002)
Sunrise (2002) (V)

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