Accueil / Cinema: a movie by Djimon Hounsou about King Béhanzin soon

Cinema: a movie by Djimon Hounsou about King Béhanzin soon

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The Beninese star of Hollywood, Djimon Hounsou, who is staying at present on his native land, announced on Wednesday in Cotonou, the realization of a movie about « King Béhanzin », Beninese and African great history figure (1845-1906).

For the Hollywood actor, Benin is a land of great culture which rich heritage deserves to be better known throughout the world.

Mr Hounsou supported that « by choosing to work on the whole world on king Behanzin, I intend to accompany the promotion of Beninese culture beyond its borders ».

He underlined that the movie about King Béhanzin will be presented at Hollywood.

As reminder, Béhanzin, king of Dahomey from 6th January 1890 to 15th January 1894, fought against the invasion of French troops, before surrendering in 1894. He will die in Algiers on 10th December 1906. Dahomey is a former African kingdom situated in the southwest of the current Republic of Benin.

Still within the framework of his stay in Benin, he also announced a vast project of a movie-documentary realization about « vodou ». It is a project which, according to his explanations, particularly means a lot to him.

« I also came to Benin for a project of a movie-documentary realization about vodou, a religion which shows a part of what we are as Beninese. This project enormously means a lot to me and I am very impatient to achieve it. I felt this need because vodou is our heritage. It is what determines us as Beninese, even as Africans », explained Djimon Hounsou.

For that purpose, he intends to meet during his stay, the Minister of Culture as well as the United States ambassador in Benin.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME