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Cross-border security: dealing with Boko Haram case in Niamey

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From day to day, the Islamism sect, Boko Haram, becomes more radical with an increasing number of civil and military victims in Nigeria and Cameroon.

According to several international organizations for Human Rights protection, at least 2000 deaths were registered within one week in the localities crossed by these murderers of the sect based in Nigeria.

Irrefutable proofs that the threshold of tolerance was exceeded in this series of violence committed by Boko Haram. A concerted action from the African countries and the international community is then imperative to counter these multiple attacks.

It is what justifies the opening last Tuesday in Niamey, Niger, an international summit gathering 13 African countries, devoted to the fight against Boko Haram.

Outside this emergency meeting, two simultaneous meetings will be held in Niamey.

On one hand, the one that will include Ministers of Foreign Affairs for the Defense of the basin of the Lake Chad and, on the other hand, the one that will include in the premises of the general staff of armed forces of Niger all joint staff chiefs of the basin of Lake Chad countries.

For the partner countries, as the United States and the European Union, among others, it is a question of analyzing together with the member countries of the basin of Lake Chad, the recent security situations of the zone under influence of Boko Haram.

Together, they will study the concrete measures for the coordination of the current actions.

As for Niger that the forces have been facing for some time the movements of Boko Haram at its border, the security plan was strengthened and an air detachment was even sent to the Diffa region in order to be ready for every eventuality.

« The Boko Haram operation mobilizes several hundred people: it necessarily needs more consistency to staff; it needs a large number of forces that is ready to be deployed and really operational. Nigeria has to contribute to it at a high level, Nigeria has to help us« , pleaded Mohamed Bazoum, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Niger.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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