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Deep Gabon: Sylvia Bongo supporting women of inland of the country

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Sylvia Bongo belongs to the list of the first active ladies of Africa on social networks. With a Facebook page of more than 200.000 fans, the first lady of Gabon is permanently in touch with hers. But in order to point out health problems of the women of inland of the country, Sylvia started last Monday the second tour called « deep Gabon ».


« For our families, for our communities, for our country, tomorrow, departure for Ogooué-Ivindo, first stage of a personal itinerary at the service of a cause: health of our mothers, our sisters, our daughters because all women count. » It was in these terms that the first lady of Gabon announced her tour on her Facebook page.


During 3 days, Sylvia will visit 13 cities of 4 provinces. The purpose of her tour is « to estimate structures of maternal health; to go into contact of the reality of everyday life of populations to concretely realize their health conditions in order to support them more effectively and share moments of conviviality and link a closeness relationship with her fellow countrywomen ».


Sylvia Bongo is supported in her initiative by the Association for medicine and research in Africa (AMRF). The first lady of Gabon hopes to make of her country, a State which respects the standards of World Health Organization in order to assure access to healthcare for all Gabonese women.




 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO 


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