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Dieynaba Ndoye Bakiri: from oil to African cosmetics…

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She belongs to the list of 20 African women the most influential according to Forbes magazine as Africa Top Success has reported it.

Dieynaba Ndoye Bakiri is the co-founder of Colorii, the first brand intended to Black and half-breed beauty.

Dieynaba was born in Dakar in a large family of 8 children. She lived in Kuwait, in Iraq and in England where her father was a civil servant of embassy. In 1994, she landed in Paris with her high school diploma. She worked as au pair girl to pay her studies in spite of a Senegalese scholarship.

« I was never afraid of launching myself into whatever it is, because my parents are always behind me to tell me that I could go beyond my limits. »

His junior brother, Ahmed Ndoye, purchasing manager at Colorii remembered: « She always tried to be the first. »

She was lucky to do work experience at Schlumberger, a French-American oil services company where she was recruited. Her professional advancement was fast: she was promoted responsible for sales of computer deals systems in England, then in charge of sales of computer safety systems in France. She even became guiding of recruitment and communication of high schools. « Even if I had to prove my capacities and my excellence twice more because I am a woman, a Black moreover, I climbed levels. »

In 2006, she left Schlumberger and then she got the idea of launching a beauty center where Blacks and Half-breeds of Paris can find all cosmetics and of good quality.

With her friend Cécile Abric, she opened in September 2007, the first Colorii shop in Halle. The success was fast. Today, she wants to implant her brand in Africa, Dakar in particular.

She remembered: « I was frustrated in shopping centers! It was necessary for me to spend a whole day per month to have my hair made, buy hair products, make-up … It was really an injustice that everybody finds their happiness at the same place, except us! (…) I realized that the needs were huge »

The first shop opened at Halle then the brand developed in the shopping centers of Rosny 2, Évry 2, Argenteuil and at Defense.

« Dieynaba is very organized and hyper listener », observed Cécile Abric.

In three years, the turnover of the company tripled to reach 3, 5 million Euros.


Original text by: Nicolas Coutain

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