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Diplomacy: the Kenyan passport among the world Top 50

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Many are the Kenyan Internet users to appreciate the efficiency of their passport on the social networks for the very good reason that the Financial Advisory Arton Capital cabinet ranked the Kenyan passport among the most efficient of the world.

According to the ranking published on the Daily Nation site, the best passports are the ones that allow entering several countries without visa. So the Kenyan passport that allows travelling to 68 countries, outstrips several African and western countries.

The same ranking lists the Kenyan diplomatic document among the top 50 powerful passports in the world. It has the same value as the passport of Jamaica, Cuba, Tonga and Botswana that can also open the doors of 68 countries without visa. The Mauritius Island is the first on the African plan in front of South Africa (84) and Guinea (81).

At the world level, the USA and Great Britain are at the head with straight access to 147 countries without visa.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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