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Dovlo: The 1st book written in English by a Togolese and published in Togo

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 The play « Dovlo or a Worthless Sweat » by the Togolese playwright, Patron Henekou, has been officially presented to the press and to the public on Thursday, 21st January 2016 in the auditorium of the Université de Lomé. First book by the young writer, « Dovlo or a Worthless Sweat », published by “Les Editions Awoudy”, describes in a fluent language, an ancient phenomenon but still factual in the African communities; the conflicts related to inheritance sharing. The book of 62 pages submitted to the criticism of the professionals of literature, has received the blessing of all.

The choice of the name of the characters, the relevance of the problematic and the level of language in the writing have been praised by Professor Africanus Aveh, lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon, specially invited for the occasion. For the latter, « Dovlo or a Worthless Sweat » perfectly illustrates matters related to generational conflicts, men and women relationships in the African societies and the family inheritance sharing. Beyond the common meaning the author has tried to give to the book, this is variously interpreted by the readers. For some, the play portrays the political governance in Africa. For some others, it has shown the same culture and tradition shared by the Ewe peoples of Ghana and Togo.

« Dovlo a Worthless Sweat » tells the story of Kulekpato (The death is in the household in Ewe language spoken in the Southern parts of several countries of the Gulf of Guinea), the younger child of a family who opposes himself to the sharing of the properties of their late father. Lecturer in English department at the Université de Lomé since 2006, Patron Henekou has spent his childhood in Ghana.


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